Newborn Photography

Here are the available service packages offered by Lori Roberts Photography in Oshawa, Ontario for newborns:

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There are so many questions about that tiny beautiful baby inside of you.  What will they look like? What colour eyes will they have? Is it a boy or girl?  The list is endless.  With so many questions in the air already why not take the question out of what photographer to use?  At Lori Roberts Photography we strive to give the best experience possible.  It is of our utmost importance to create a comfortable, warm, safe environment for your new family and your new little one.  We create absolutely timeless beautiful portraits for your family to look back on and treasure for lifetimes.

We meticulously capture all the beautiful features of your new little one, those gorgeous eyelashes, toes, fingers, and lips. We want you to be able to look at your portraits and remember all the tiny details before they quickly grow.  With the fast pace of life it is vital to capture as much a possible  and give yourself something to look back on and remember how beautiful it was becoming a family.