Cake Smash Photography

The pace of life is so quick.  Our children grow much too quickly, we work long hours, we have activities, housework, hobbies, and demands that can take away from our time with our families, why not freeze that precious time?  Give yourself something to look back on and remember.  

Milestones are so important to capture.  The first steps, first laugh, first crawl, first words.  A portrait give you a beautiful memory frozen in time.  Your child is learning at such an incredible rate, smiling, laughing, gaining independence, crawling, walking, and talking.  Why not have something to remember it by?  

At Lori Roberts Photography we do our utmost to produce a beautiful, fun, milestone session, whether it be a sitter session, cakesmash, painter hands, milk bath, or fruit smash.....the options are endless!!